Tempo Video

The fast, no huddle video player

Finally, a solution to play your personal video files with the quality and smoothness that you expect.

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Instance Access. No Limits

Tempo is a serverless desktop application that instantly accesses all of your video files at their original quality. No transcoding, uploading, or storage limits to deal with! Use an external hard drive as your library and manage it manually through Windows or inside of Tempo itself.

Main Features
  • - Smooth rewind and fast forward
  • - Slow motion and frame by frame
  • - Play files from Google Drive, Onebox, Dropbox, etc..
  • - Data breakdowns
  • - Create and export "cutups" that will play in other applications
  • - Drawing tools and video frame export
  • - Supports 4K video
  • - Supports dual monitors with telecast mode. Perfect for remote meetings!
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Breakdown Games

Tempo allows you to mark up your games for data breakdown. This allows you to instantly access plays without tirelessly skipping around the file to look for the play you want. Filter the data to only see what you want or create new media files from your data.


version 1.1.3 to start your seven day FREE trial. After that, pay just $9.99 per month. Cancel anytime!